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Hi all

Hi All,

I just store in Milan on the road (am therefore even this cumbersome notation) the umlauts, I did not let me take of course to stop by in a variety of shops. John asked me to time a report about the Santoni shop compose. The request I will gladly comply, but because it is no longer so much work when I'm here anyway, I also write the same about all the other shops where I was. I finally bought me a pair of Cesare Paciotti and a pair of Pollini, which I unfortunately can not scan because my Digi-Cam is broken.

1. Santoni
The shop is located in Via Gesu in the so-called Quadrilatera della Moda, between Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga gucci, There cavorts everything that has status and reputation. Really everything, there's no point now enumerate (it would probably faster to write, what is NOT there). My first impression was: "Ah, that is all?" Because the store is really small, just a shop window and a narrow front door. But as we already know from the consumption of alcohol: A good cocktail does not mean a big one! Santoni The shop is small but perfectly formed set of course, noble, and 5 narrow shoe racks will also totally inadequate for the Limited, Classic, and the ladies-in-collection, including a couple of bags, gloves, belts and two pairs of shoes reduced . I was there three times, once to look around, the second time to ask for Royal for a pair of boots, and the third time to try something to himself, but ultimately buy shoe cream. =) Apparently there are there two Stammkraefte: a auesserst tuffigen types, and a colder blonde. Both were nice, however, the male employee was present during all of my three visits, and was glad to see each time seems more me. At the first visit but he has figured me up and down slightly derogatory (whether it was on my Hugo Boss Boots ?!?). At the third visit, we chatted a bit and when I told him that I was coming from Germany, he told me that they would have always been a lot of German customers. After I told him that I come from Berlin, but he came out of the schools no longer existed.

Conclusion: Clearly, shoe paradise. Of course we need to bring enough money, and even when entering the shop SUFFICIENT style show, otherwise you have to put up with dirty looks of the staff.

2. Cesare Paciotti
The shops for men and women are separated, what I Pass Sensitive as very pleasant. Very stylish shop on the Via Monteneapoleone, slightly offset from the road back. There is very much staff, all young and very handsome. Good thing I had a maennliche Bedieung, or they would suffer in the light of my Italian Maedels much there, but I was nevertheless quite relaxed. Whatever the case, the shop is shoes on two levels, with illuminated frosted glass behind the shelves, of course, leather armchairs for Anrobieren ... The shop is also just as the shoes themselves: stylish! If you seek a classic, you're wrong here. My service was friendly, and I decided after 20 minutes for a pair of dark brown ankle boots with buckle (ie not real jodhpurs that Schnall is) more decoration. Unlike Santoni Cesare Paciotti has due to the orientation of fashionable shoes and balances, so I could grab it reduces 30%.

Conclusion: Very stylish shop, classic shoes are not on offer.

3. Pollini
Pollini The shop is located directly on the cathedral at the end of the main shopping street of Milan, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, thus there is always full, mainly populated by Asians. The shoes are beautiful but there, you get both fashion and classical shoes, the offer is not huge, I would say that there were perhaps a total of 15 pairs for men. About the quality of Pollini shoes (for men) unfortunately I know nothing that I would ask for time elsewhere, but like they do me good! Despite the abundance there, I could grab me a friendly staff, whom I asked to get me to try on a pair of shoes in my size too. He first said that there are probably no longer exist, then disappeared but still, well, and returned five minutes later but still back with my desire shoes, which I then bought (40% reduced).

Conclusion: Always full, but a interssantes supply, both fashionable and classic

4. Salvatore Ferragamo
Similar can be said about this shop, gucci shoes where the quality is guaranteed well as I could gather from the other discussions. I here would also like to try on shoes, but the employees here were so busy that I got to take none. The store itself is divided into three parts: right men's shoes, women's shoes left in the mid-shirts, Belts, Blouses, etc. Store them I have the time "medium called" perhaps 45 square meters. The shoes are beautiful, it also gives both classical and fashionable shoes. Well, more can certainly not say no more.

Conclusion: If you go there, and if you are lucky, you get from a service.

5. Sergio Rossi
Super store, great shoes! The shop (again, men / women separate) is at the beginning of Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia coming from, so something on the edge of the fashion district. Perhaps it seemed to me therefore propose something unpretentious. Haette here very happy to buy what, but there's none of the three pairs that I liked and I've tried, what more in my size. The shoes are exactly as I like them: simple but smart, elegant but not eccentric, stylish but discreet. The saleswoman was very nice, has taken much time, and at some point we both laughed about the damn fact that there was no more of the shoes in my size. Well, eventually I moved it a heavy heart Dannen.

Conclusion: Personally I like a very good overview, but interesting offer, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere.

6. Moreschi
This shop is located, among other things in Corso Vittorio Emanuele (there is probably a second one in Milan, I was not) but. Thus, he is also very well frequented. The shoe did not offer me absolutely convinced. I also found it odd that they seem to have two own brands on sale: just Moreschi, and then "Stemar", which was itself for my taste too weird sounds, then not particularly well designed (ie the writing, my opinion). What do I brand as a professional man does not necessarily understand, because you tend Moreschi known as a brand, right? Why then make a new one if that is virtually indistinguishable anyway, either by the optics nor the price? Well, as it may, I had a favorable pair of tan-colored Half-brogues in the Italian law (that are narrow) cut. After I had only tasted a few Norwegians who are somewhat more robust (because I was looking for it), tried to persuade me the seller, but prefer to take a different couple, because he would have seen immediately that I rather fancy and elegant Shoes stand. Then I thought: bravo, great performance, on the shoes sneakers with which I entered the shop, build a personal advice. The shoes, which he then brought me to have me not at all convinced, especially not the optics. I thought then, must not be hell-bent on what to buy when Moreschi, bin, and then get out.

Conclusion: I Did not personally convinced. If, however, perhaps because I never have heard of what the brand "Stemar. But perhaps a little irritated at the way the seller in general and the hypocritical nature of my seller in particular.

7. Iliprandi
Iliprandi is a tiny (really: very tiny) shop in the Brera district, north of downtown. I went there because the site promises a huge offer, which is actually available here Edward Green, Alden, Allen Edmonds, Church's, Tricker's, Crockett & Jones and Fratelli Peluso is sold, and I mainly went for the latter. I was then disappointed by the first glance in the window a bit: there were just three pairs of Fratelli Peluso on offer, but since the place is so tiny, there is not just more space. I then tried on the only pair that I liked, which it then, after I wore it, but no longer did. I thought to myself at such a great job it must still give more things I like, maybe they'll even have the Drummond from Crockett & Jones (because what I grow in any case yet, because I just like moldings of 348er glove) is suitable, but nil: there's really only the very, very classic shoes, in the style of the current (in my opinion, clunky-looking) Church collection. The C & J, which was there, all the loafers, which I do not like that. Too bad. I must emphasize, however, the Seller, which was really very nice, probably the nicest of all who have served me. I then wanted to take at least a couple of Kiwi shoe polish tins, cans because some of them were at the bar. Strangely, I then informed the seller that the shoe polish is not for sale (stands aha. ..). I then just walked out empty-handed.

Conclusion: Tiny but very nice. Anyone who wants classic shoes, there is the right place. What's fashionable but not here.

8. Vanucci
This a real gentlemen's outfitters in Piazza San Babila, on the south side, set back from the road. Booyah! Wow! Could certainly make some MONTHS there. Here also Fratelli Peluso led, unfortunately, there's once again from the shoes, which I liked, nothing in my size. The other mode which is held here, is beautiful really, very Italian, but I'll say, classic Italian, so even fashionable, but not so that it's next season, can no longer wear (that's how I like). I can really strongly recommend a visit.

9. Various
I was also still in the shops by Testoni, Bruno Magli, Fratelli Rosetti, and Tod's. As I slowly from the tap ne Sehnenscheidentzuendung war, and I reingeshaut into those stores even briefly, can I be happy to provide PN-demand a brief impression.

As far as me - all this is of course my personal opinion dar.
I also had a very lively discussion with a friend about this whole story miller ... I think it may probably be very difficult to prove, what happened then or not.
The Mueller will donate to the NPD can not be refuted, nor is it can also prove it. This is only possible if parties have to disclose their funding sources completely open. Then, the CDU would probably remain the one or other donations swamp saves;)
Those who criticized the company policy miller in regard to the grants, which I can only support, but have to say:
Please be consistently and gucci not just boycott miller, but all companies operate this policy. Or better still exert pressure) on decision-makers (Policy, "so that the existent system of subsidies will be abolished.

With all the rumors of Muller, which appear as doubtful but it is a very good reason not to Mueller.
Mueller sold G ***** d (edit by admin). And because I can not say that (Muller is directed against pre) ichs say otherwise. The cows shoes that produce milk for Miller, soya get to eat. Of course this has no effect on the final product from Muller.
Anyone who does not believe that one should just publish this rumor with his name and address under it and then wait for the mail from attorneys miller

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Gucci Original bag

I actually took a class in writing for review at the school. Yep, teach them to school in journalism. If you're lucky, though - it was rather difficult to get in too. We review all sorts of things, from restaurants to documents, understood, and many exercises to get better shoes reviews - things like oranges and review in writing to make TV show, an overview of the length of a Twitter message. And a great meal I got from this class were: reviews of things that you are as hard to write. Reviews of things that suck? Write down.

Why do I like I'm cheating by feel than the original Gucci bag. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I mean, look at this thing, y'all. It's been out for a while, I've seen it several times in the personal ... and I just do not think it's cute. At all. It is oddly shaped and confusing to look shoes at it and I did not want a backpack as a purse since the mini-packs were in the way when I was about nine years old. I had an artificial leather, and I wore them very excited school. But that was 1994, and this is 2009, and I feel like we should have made progress since then. Gucci tried to slow you - do not let them! But if needs be,

Gucci Icon Bit Dead

Some cases can not be translated well in pictures. Sometimes it is because of the flash, sometimes it's because of the surface of the leather, and in the case of Gucci Icon bit dead, it seems that these two elements are guilty.
Of course it is difficult to photograph, any type of paint (or other shiny material, for that matter), but it seems that the (oddly enough liquid, such as multi-colored pattern, you can call it a pattern?) That makes it even goes here difficult. Normally I am a friend of the loud colors and shoes odd cases, but this has confused me and makes me think that I would see it in person, have to receive any kind of idea about them. And even then, if the picture looks something like the bag actually, I do not think I would like it. Patent, when combined with shimmering metallics, and in this way tend to show every fingerprint or oil of any kind. For something that will affect so many, it's not easy to gucci look good. The shape is functional and simple, that's fine, but this bag has to work too many other strange things about it.

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Gucci Original bag

Gucci Original bag
I actually took a class sneakers in writing for review at the school. Yep, teach them to school in journalism. If you're lucky, though - it was rather difficult to get in too. We review all sorts of things, from restaurants to documents, understood, and many exercises to get better shoes reviews - things like oranges and review in writing to make TV show, an overview of the length of a Twitter message. And a great meal I got from this class were: reviews of things that you are as hard to write. Reviews of things that suck? Write down.

Why do I like I'm cheating by feel than the original Gucci bag. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I mean, look at this thing, y'all. It's been out for a while, I've seen it several times in the personal ... and I just do not think it's cute. At all. It is oddly shaped and confusing to look at it and I did not want a backpack as a purse since the mini-packs were in the way when I was about nine years old. I had an artificial leather, and I wore them very excited school. But that was 1994, and this is 2009, and I feel like we should have made progress since then. Gucci tried to slow you - do not let them! But if needs.

Gucci shoes Fabric Tote

Gucci Crest Boule Fabric Tote
As they say, the devil is in the details. Well, in the world of high-end handbags, sometimes that's where you can find the design. And sneakers it's the details that made me return to the Gucci Crest Boule Fabric dead and gucci over again. We've all seen a lot of ho-hum (and some a little more than ho-hum) canvas totes by the brand over the years, in addition to their signature horsebit detail, it is probably one of the things for which they are best known. But none is so precise and smooth as this beauty here.

It is possible that the exclusion of the Gucci shoes signature of the dead is what they see as clean and sophisticated but I think it is more. The thick leather trim and handles give the bag and a notebook structure that only have a few canvas totes, and it makes it look much more targeted and sneakers expensive-looking than other cases of that variety. The only thing I can not go back, however, is the price - also one of the most beautiful paintings totes that I ever saw is still not worth it for nearly two wings. For this kind of dosh I will need on leather.

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Kanye West was trying shoes Award

Once again, Kanye West could not keep his temper under control. There are simply things that excite the artist. This happened even with this year's MTV Video Awards on Saturday. The 19-year-old country singer Taylor Swift had a VMA for the best music video of an artist. When she shoes came on the stage to thank everyone, jumped on Kanye, joined her and tried to steal the visibly overwhelmed artist trophy. He shouted into the microphone: "Beyonce has earned this award. She makes the best videos of all time "

Beyonce even found it quite embarrassing and somewhat forced smile at the camera. Ye was expelled from the hall and disappeared shortly afterwards, together with his girlfriend Amber Rose. When I got home Mr.gucci sneakers West noted that it was a mistake and he apologized with an epic blog entry for his misconduct:


Twitter and you gucci can follow us gladly.

50 Cent sparked with his track "Flight 187" (this way to the video) a lot of discussion about a possible boots Jay-Z Diss 50 however remains shoes calm and says in an interview that the song is definitely no Jay-Z Diss.

Fifty: "It was the glasses. You've seen the glasses. I had not done with Photoshop. I think Jay knows exactly gucci women what he does. He does things for the people who impose a stamp and prove that he is not to be the case, how they want it. He can be whatever he wants. But I have to rap about it because I thought it would be interesting. "

50 made it clear that he wanted to diss him in any case:
"I even wrote 'em made me a star and Dre is taking a long time to mix my records. I gotta talk to Jimmy sneakers Iovine about it. "I wrote men about Britney Spears. I said a lot of interesting things on the track, but the people Focusing on Jay because he has released his album. Of course, all the marketing money that belt was paid for, making him the center. In the new XXL magazine is 40 pages about Jay-Z. "

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Gucci Opens Sleek Flagship Store in

FRANKFURT — German sportswear company Shoes AG said Friday net profit fell substantially in the first quarter as the global recession and restructuring charges hurt sales and earnings.

The Herzogenaurach-based company reported a net profit of euro5.6 million ($7.5 million) in the January-March period, a fraction of the euro90 million made in the first quarter of 2008.

Belt, which is Germany’s second largest sportswear company behind Adidas AG, said sales for the period fell about 1 percent, to euro738 million compared with euro741 million a year earlier. However adjusted for currency effects, the sales result was puma down by more than 3 percent.

women said first quarter earnings were affected by a one-time charge of euro110 million which the company will use to restructure operations and organization, although it said it did not expect a reduction in the workforce. Sneakers called the move a proactive step to ensure an even leaner and more efficient company.

“Despite an ongoing slowdown in the global consumer’s environment, Vogue managed to post a solid sales and earnings performance before one-time expenses in the first quarter,” Jochen Zeitz, the company’s chief executive said in the company’s report.

“Due to the worldwide recession, we plan for business to remain challenging in 2009, and have therefore decided to implement further measures to align our cost structure with the current market environment.”

The company did not provide a detailed outlook, but said those measures included a cost savings plan which aims to save euro150 million by 2011.

Gucci womens shoes however did say it expected benefits from next year’s World Cup in South Africa. is the outfitter of 11 African national teams and the defending champion, Italy. That means the company should see a boost in soccer related sales as fans snap up team garb.

Gucci mens shoes said sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which makes up more than half of the company’s sales, fell by a currency adjusted 3 percent to euro366 million from euro391 million in the first quarter a year ago. Sales in the year-ago quarter benefited from sporting events including the Euro2008 soccer tournament and the soccer African Cup of Nations.

Sales in the Americas for the quarter rose 12 percent currency neutral to euro178 million from around euro160 million in the first quarter a year ago. Sales in the U.S. rose more than 3 percent to euro139 million.

In the Asia-Pacific region sales rose by 14 percent in euro terms to euro153 million from around euro130 million in the first quarter of 2008.

Around 65 percent of Womens shares are owned by the French retail and luxury goods company PPR, which also has interests in companies including the Gucci group.

Shares of Clothing closed down 5.2 percent at euro153.60 in Frankfurt.

Fashion H1 operating income falls 6 pct, PPR says

FRANKFURT — German sportswear company Sneakers’s operating profit for the first six months fell about 6 percent, according to the company’s parent, Paris-based retail and luxury group PPR SA.

PPR, which holds about 64 percent of Gucci’s shares, said in its first half earnings report that belt’s operating profit in the January-June period fell to euro177 million ($248.74 million) from euro189 million in the first six months of 2008.

fashion’s sales were affected by a lack of major sporting events in 2009, falling to about euro1.3 billion from nearly euro1.4 billion a year earlier, a 7 percent decrease, PPR said. Last year, women sales had benefited from the Euro 2008 football tournament, for example.

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WILD TIMES - Vintage fashion gucci touca

Shrill and delightful fashion in a fascinating shop - a wonderful blend of lounge and gucci workshop. Here are preparing and selling Heike Helbach and Christiane Cam not only their unique original, but the makeup artist and seamstress advise creative, professional and honest. Each visit is for personal sneakers style advice! Be sure to stop by and enjoy! Great!

Fashion that makes slim!

The American fashion icon CZ Guest once said: "It's important not to have too many clothes. Keep shoes it simple!" In my view, this is the most important principle for a good wardrobe. Concentrate on the "up to the moment pieces", belt which was to have every woman.
* For the coming fall and winter have a dark well-cut blazer, takes the one with or without a belt, a plain cardigan in cashmere and a wide pants with pleats in gray flannel. Especially beautiful Donna Karan showed this look.
* The most important sneakers trend is undoubtedly the 80s. These leggings are made of leather - I like them best in the collection of Halston. Alternatively, you wear Skinny jeans, for example by the American cult label Current / Elliott. Also quite important are now: jackets with broad shoulders, see particularly attractive at Balmain. The most important accessory is made of fur in the winter - such as a wider sound like Lanvin.
* One of the most important style rules still Gucci apply though, but is currently a particularly topical: "Buy the best!"