19 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi


In Vienna, I saw with my eyes ..

Freedom 'in writing director, so many years I have made my Arab Fikret daily walk, was returning to the hotel ..

Under bermuda shorts, baseball cap at the beginning .. So far, the beautiful .. But a pair of black shoe on foot ..

Pipe under six Şişhane ..

Five-star hotel in the lobby of shorts, t-shirt and daily views of German tourists who filled the shoes .. I "Prada culture" is not innocently "I brought sneakers .." I said, I also do not event .. Someone handed me the shoes:

"These Prada 's walking shoes .." said ..

Collapsed like .. I tried not to be something specific to one's face, but my eyes full of Gucci Shoes are packed ..


Mehmet Y standing with us. Yilmaz also one of the extended leg and "These are the Prada .." you say?

Hürriyet fact 'in two columnists in most of Prada shoes had one .. Ertugrul Ozkok 'te the full eight-couple ..

Course a person is cunning Ertuğrul Bey openly say they do not like .. Pradalar'ını secretly wearing ..

I got jobs .. Particular nationality, the group's other newspapers did observe columnist says .. No one from one of Gucci ..

Sedat Ergin 'shoes was Sümerbank inki guess .. Hasan Cemal to get the wife to feel comfortable wearing Cedide he developed ..

This matter head taktım ..

Aydin Bey 'e will write a letter .. "Corner Is there such thing as a benefit to the author of Gucci?" I'll ask ..

Not my clothes ..

But it is true they "slipped between the fingers," he had dealt .. The public may know this too ..

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