21 Ekim 2009 Çarşamba

Recommended doctors from King Paolo shoes

King of the ambitious brand of footwear industry Paolo, a serious R & D work with the shoes produced are responding to different needs. Air circulated with the " 'air-conditioned shoes' using the slogan, the company of people complaining about the Gucci shoes, and taking into account the needs of the production is done. King Hussein, Chairman Paolo Turan, healthy footwear collection now pregnant women stating they had continuously expanded and started production for diabetics said. To date, customers who reach the King through dealers Paolo, the first store in the shopping center opens in Bayrampaşa Forum Istanbul.

What is the status of the sector-Shoes gucci shoes?

Sector, the crisis had entered prior to the crisis. The reason for this, can not provide full industrialization. Continue to work in a small workshop when the cost is rising up, profitability is declining. Kriz, salt, pepper dumped on this issue. Six companies in the industry ladder over time could not keep pace. Already narrow and the capital was further narrowed the number of firms increased bat. The one hand, unemployment is rising, but that may work in shoes industry can not find qualified staff. Elements like unqualified or unable to work.

-Son of the crisis has affected the sector?

Crisis in the companies' financial positions are very important strength. Many in the industry bosses to take a bank loan to pay staff salaries is running. We work with the credit from for years, with credit growth of the market and we knew we had positive results. A great job in this crisis environment, those who do business with their own capital to the road continued, or even grew.

Do you have a problem in the sector, China-sourced?

This is a problem for some time and was the wind. Textile and footwear sector, especially from China were affected negatively. We always say we are. Companies should stop showing it. You're producing a quality product, bag price competition do not compete if he pulls down quality. We've lowered prices, but did not reduce quality. Chinese industry to produce cold water on gucci shoes, but we probably did it without reducing quality, we were able to overcome the crisis. The firms are trying to keep up to China and therefore a T-shirt was blood loss. Currently seriously China's influence declined. The reason for this is not the manufacturer's ability, is the consumer's preferences. Was of poor quality consumer products do.

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